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Transatlantic and Transpacific Cruises

Reposition your view of paradise with a transatlantic or transpacific cruise.

Have you ever thought of traversing an entire ocean from coast to coast? You can go further than you ever thought possible on a transatlantic cruise, crossing the waves between the U.S. and Europe. Departing from Florida, Barcelona, Southampton and Copenhagen, these cruises include both tropical and cultural island stops, in ports such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Greenland and Iceland. Meanwhile, transpacific cruises go from Sydney to the U.S., with plenty of white-sand-beach-filled South Pacific ports in between. Take in sweeping views of the Pacific while stopping in exotic ports to see the secluded beaches of Vanuatu or the volcanic vistas of Hawaii.


Museums in Europe
Meander Museums
Are you a museum buff? Stop in Copenhagen for both the National Museum and National Gallery of Denmark. Or hit up the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and enjoy a field of sunflowers while pondering why this mysterious man cut off his ear.

Historic Buildings in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Make History
There are historical sites across the Atlantic and Pacific to behold, such as Old San Juan in Puerto Rico with streets lined with blooming green trees. Or get an intimate look into Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam.

Sea Turtle Swimming in the Ocean
New World to Old World
A transatlantic cruise lets you see the architectural and cultural influence of Europe on the Americas and then view the Old World's masterpieces for yourself on other side of the ocean. See the Cathedral of San Juan in Puerto Rico and the 14th-century Gothic Basilica of Santa Maria in Barcelona.

Sea Turtle Swimming in the Ocean
Snorkel the Seas
Snorkeling is a popular activity in island ports across the world. In the South Pacific, many islands are surrounded by fringing reef as well, which is a haven for tropical marine life such as dolphins, squid and sea turtles.

Water Bungalows in the South Pacific
Be a Beach Bum
Make the most of island ports on a transpacific cruise and enjoy some beach time. Lounge in the white sand and turquoise waters of Mystery Island in Vanuatu. Enjoy the combo of urban and volcanic views at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.

Person Rock Climbing
Jump Onboard
With so many days at sea, take advantage of the ship's many activities and attractions, including spa treatments, rock climbing, ice skating, musical performances and Casino Royale.


Transpacific and transatlantic cruises offer plenty of relaxing days at sea, plus exciting stops at idyllic, beach-filled islands and cities bustling with life and culture.

In Awe of the Atlantic

Starting in Florida or one of several European ports, a transatlantic cruise may include several city stops, Caribbean ports or a combination of both.


Prepare for the Pacific

From Sydney to either Honolulu or Seattle, be prepared to cross hemispheres and visit the best (and most beautiful) South Pacific islands.

South Pacific Sun or European Charm

Reposition your view of paradise with a transatlantic or transpacific cruise

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The Best Time to Cruise

For transatlantic cruises, the best time to set sail is either spring and fall, when the weather is still warm but prices are more affordable. However, transpacific cruises are recommended during the Southern Hemisphere's winter, from May to October. This is because summer is the South Pacific's cyclone season.

Remember to pack for all weather conditions, as you will have warm summery port days, as well as cooler nights at sea. On transpacific cruises, you'll also cross hemispheres, so may need clothing for summer and winter conditions if cruising from Sydney to Seattle

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Insider Tips

1 Although most Pacific and Caribbean islands have different currencies, many ports accept Australian or American dollars, and larger cities will also accept credit cards.
2 Consider bringing your own snorkeling equipment and reef boots to save on rental fees, if you're planning on snorkeling at multiple destinations.
3 With so many days at sea, try something new onboard, but also bring your own entertainment — whether that's an e-reader or a good book.

Cross-Country Cuisines 

From Australia to the Azores, transatlantic and transpacific cruises expose you to several cuisines, including Caribbean, American and Pacific Islander. From fast-food favorites to rice-based comfort food, here are a few must-try foods.

Meat Pies from Australia
Aussie Meat Pies
Found in bakeries and convenience stores, Australians love their savory meat pies. Visit the iconic Harry's Cafe de Wheels in Sydney and tuck into one of their flaky pies filled with curried beef or chicken with a side of classic mushy peas.

Traditional Lunch from Hawaii
Pile Up Your Plate
Plate lunches are very popular in Hawaii, and traditionally feature scoops of white rice, macaroni salad and a meat-based entree like succulent kalua pig or a lau lau pork, with a smoky taste from its preparation in an underground oven.

Traditional Cuban Sandwich from Florida
Floridian Food
Tuck into some popular Floridian dishes before your transatlantic cruise departs. Savor a salty, satisfying Cuban sandwich piled high with pork and pickles. Try a Bahamian-inspired conch fritter, and key lime pie for dessert.

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