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frame_image Download our onboard Waste Stream Operational Controls chart. 

Download an overview of Royal Caribbean's Advanced Wastewater Purification Systems. 

You can download these PDF files of our latest environmental information and view them using Adobe® Acrobat 5.0 or higher. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat, download it now. 

Stewardship Strategy

In everything we do, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is ever conscious of a very special, and very certain, responsibility. Simply put, we must protect the marine environment and sustain the well-being of the people and places we serve. Because we know that clean oceans are good for the environment, good for our guests and good for our business, we strive to achieve the highest possible standards of environmental and community stewardship. 

By following strict company policies and practices and using innovative technologies, we conduct our business Above and Beyond Compliance (what we call 'ABC') with existing laws and regulations. Our beautiful oceans and their rich marine life demand nothing less. 

This commitment is expressed through our Save the Waves® program. What began in 1992 as a program focused on waste management has evolved into a company-wide philosophy of social responsibility, environmental protection and good corporate citizenship that guides every facet of our business operations. Today, we Save the Waves by having the two largest ships in the world repurpose 100% of their operational waste – an initiative that has since spread to 12 of our ships.

We could not achieve any of our stewardship objectives without the daily dedication of our employees, from our headquarters in Miami to our crew members onboard each of our ships. Innovation is encouraged and rewarded at every level of the company. We also recognise that our ocean-travelling guests are natural advocates for marine conservation, so we strive to nurture a level of engagement with our passengers, whatever their age, about these important issues. And no matter what we have already accomplished, we are driven by two words: continuous improvement. 

At Royal Caribbean, we believe that companies can be financially successful while also serving as stewards of the environment and the communities we operate in. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we feel it is inextricably linked with our continued success as an industry-leading cruise line. 

We hope you will join us aboard one of our Royal Caribbean International ships and see Save the Waves® in practice for yourself. 

I invite you to read more about our environmental stewardship efforts in Our Approach to Sound Stewardship and our most recent Sustainability Report.

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Richard D. Fain 
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.