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Royal Caribbean and the Environment

Every day, our highly capable men and women from around the world work hard to deliver unforgettable holiday moments to the guests sailing on our ships. Our 21 Royal Caribbean International ships sailed the globe, contributing billions of dollars to local economies and supporting thousands of small businesses. As we moved guests, ships, employees and supplies around the world, we also moved closer to our 2015 sustainability goals.


These goals are important to our company, to me, to the communities that our ships visit every day around the world, and to our guests.  They are part of our very consciousness, at the heart of which is a simple commitment to protect and preserve the environments and communities in which we operate. The oceans provide millions of people around the world with food, livelihoods, transportation and wonder. They also supply oxygen to all life on the planet. It is our responsibility to help protect and preserve the oceans and coastal communities that bring our guests so much delight. We are also committed to helping in the communities that our employees and their families call home.


Our company has a history of ocean conservation and environmental stewardship. Just a few examples include the formalisation of our Save the Waves® program in 1992, placement of an environmental officer on every ship beginning in 1996, the installation of state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems on our ships, and our waste reduction initiatives, which have evolved to repurpose 100% of the offloaded waste from our ships when they end cruises in Florida ports. As part of our destination stewardship program, we also aligned with non-governmental and governmental organisations to form the Sustainable Destinations Alliance for the Americas, with the intention of helping the destinations in that region remain healthy and vibrant for years to come.


In our 2013 sustainability report, titled “Beyond the Horizon,” you will learn more about this commitment and how it continues to evolve.


This is the first RCL report – and one of the first in the United States – to use the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 reporting guidelines. We have included input from both internal and external stakeholders who helped us identify a greater number of more specific topics to cover than we have in past reports. Moving to this method of reporting is one way that we are working toward our sustainability commitment.


I invite you to learn more about our progress and ongoing efforts in this report.


We hope you will join us onboard one of our Royal Caribbean International ships and experience Save the Waves® for yourself.

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Richard D. Fain
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.