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Nha Trang, Vietnam

Situated upon perhaps the most scenic coastline in Vietnam is the city of Nha Trang. With its crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine beaches, this city is fast becoming a favourite among snorkellers, scuba divers and sunbathers. In fact, Nha Trang Bay is considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

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Nha Trang, Vietnam

Port of Call

The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

Just north of Nha Thang are the Po Nagar Cham Towers. Built between the 7th and 8th centuries, these ancient Hindu structures rise along the banks of the Cai River. Each of the four towers is a shrine to a different deity. The largest is dedicated to Po Nagar, the goddess of farming.

Sporting Adventures

Since one of the most beautiful municipal beaches in the country is in Nha Trang, this city has become a haven for water sports. The virtually transparent turquoise waters hold some of the most diverse marine life and coral in Vietnam. It's for this reason scuba divers and snorkellers have been flocking to Nha Trang, making the city's coast one of its leading tourist attractions.

Get a Taste of Local Flavour

If you're looking for great seafood, this city has perhaps the best in the country. Try any of the restaurants located at the north end of the beach. Prices are reasonable and the ocean view from many of them is simply amazing. Also, since a good portion of the population is from India, there is an abundance of superb Indian restaurants to visit.

Shopping for Bargains

There is no shortage of places to find bargains in Nha Trang. All you have to do is head out to the beach, or any side street, and you're sure to discover plentiful vendors, markets and tourist shops. Just let your feet guide you and you're bound to stumble on exactly what you're looking for.

Local Currency

The Vietnamese currency is the dong (VND). You can exchange currency in any of the following ways: At a bank, through an authorised exchange bureau or at a hotel reception desk. The best rates are at the banks, but the exchange bureaux are the most convenient as they have longer opening hours. Most major credit cards should be accepted at almost any major city or popular tourist spot.

Weather in Nha Trang, Vietnam


Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius
Average High 81° 27.22°
Average Low 71° 21.67°
Mean Temperature N/A N/A
Record High N/A N/A
Record Low N/A N/A
Precipitation Inches Centimetres
Average Precip. 0.94 in 2.39 cm

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