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Hue/Danang (Chan May Port), Vietnam

Centrally located between historic cities, the working port of Chan May is the gateway to Danang, Hoi An and Hue, Vietnam. Danang is home to the famous China Beach, and charming Hoi An is an ancient trading town with shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Hue is approximately 75 minutes by car from Chan May Port. Danang is approximately one hour by car from Chan May Port via Hai Van Tunnels or one-and-a-half hours via Hai Van Pass. Chan May Port to Hoi An is approximately one hour and 45 minutes by car via Hai Van Tunnels or two hours and 15 minutes via Hai Van Pass.

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Hue/Danang (Chan May Port), Vietnam

Port of Call

The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

Within the city is the Imperial Citadel, home of the Emperor. This sprawling complex of temples, pavilions, walls, museums and galleries is the centrepiece of Hue. It is here where one can truly appreciate the history and charm of Vietnam's past, its tranquillity and beauty.

Sporting Adventures

A bike trip along the shimmering Perfume River is an experience not to be missed. With its reflective beauty, fragrant tropical flora, and the ancient tombs, towers and pagodas that line its banks, the ride is like a trip through time.

Get a Taste of Local Flavour

Originally prepared for the Emperor, the Imperial cuisine is a culinary experience one can't pass up when in Hue. With so much care lavished on its presentation, it is almost a shame to eat – but people get over that very quickly. And for those who want a more traditional meal, there is a noodle soup with slices of beef and lashings of chilli oil, known as Bun Bo Hue. Don't worry about the pronunciation; it's the most popular dish in Hue, so they'll know exactly what you're looking for.

Shopping for Bargains

The street for bargains is Le Loi Street. Here you'll find souvenir stalls that run the gamut from cute to kitsch. You'll find great deals on a variety of little treasures tucked under the glass cases of the shops here. All you have to do is simply search, and you're bound to be rewarded.

Local Currency

The Vietnamese currency is the dong (VND). You can exchange currency in any of the following ways: At a bank, through an authorised exchange bureau or at a hotel reception desk. The best rates are at the banks, but the exchange bureaux are the most convenient as they have longer opening hours. Most major credit cards should be accepted at almost any major city or popular tourist spot.

Weather in Hue/Danang (Chan May Port), Vietnam


Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius
Average High 77° 25°
Average Low 67° 19.44°
Mean Temperature N/A N/A
Record High N/A N/A
Record Low N/A N/A
Precipitation Inches Centimetres
Average Precip. 1.89 in 4.8 cm

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