Health & Safety
Are there any restrictions regarding children in the pools?
What is the Smoking Policy on board?
What safety features do you have onboard?
What is the security like onboard?
Is there a qualified medical staff on board?
What happens if I become ill while onboard?
Is it safe to travel in a balcony stateroom with children?
What happens if there's a hurricane predicted at the time of my cruise?
Are there disabled facilities available onboard?
Are there Security Officers on board?
What training have the Security Officers received?
How can I identify a member of the Security Team?
Is there crime on board?
How do I report a crime or emergency situation while at sea?
What can I expect if my cruise holiday is interrupted by an unforeseen event and I need to disembark the ship during the cruise?
Are the balconies and railings safe?
Are staterooms safe?
What type of background investigation is conducted in relation to your crew members?
What type of background investigation is conducted in relation to your passengers?
Do you have security cameras on board and, if so, where are they located?
Does the SeaPass card include security features?
What is a qualified reader?
Why is the smoking policy changing?
When is the new smoking policy in effect?
Where can I smoke inside?
Where can I smoke outside?
How do I find outdoor smoking areas?
What products are permitted?
Is there an age restriction for smoking onboard?
What happens if a guest smokes in a stateroom or on a balcony?
Is smoking permitted in the Casino?
Will the Casino still have non-smoking nights?
What about electronic cigarettes?
What about cigars and pipes?
Can I purchase cigarettes onboard?
On Mariner of the SeasŪ and Voyager of the SeasŪ departing from China, I heard there is one additional venue where smoking is permitted. What venue is it?
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