Excursion Planning
What exactly are Shore Excursions?
What types of excursions does Royal Caribbean offer?
What excursions does Royal Caribbean recommend?
Do I have to go on a shore excursion? What else can I do?
How much time should I allow between excursions in a day?
Do I have to reserve my excursion with Royal Caribbean?
Will I receive priority disembarkation if I reserve an independent excursion?
Are there any special requirements for visiting international ports?
How do I request a Shore Excursions brochure prior to my sailing?
What is the refund/cancellation policy in the event of inclement weather or unexpected circumstances?
Are there any requirements, such as visas or innoculations, for visiting certain ports?
Can I purchase a Shore Excursion for the day I get off the ship?
Europe Shore Excursions: How do I obtain a visa for St. Petersburg if I want to travel independently, not as a participant of a Royal Caribbean Shore Excursion?
Europe Shore Excursions: Will shore excursions be provided in another language other than English?
Alaska Cruisetour: What is the temperature in Alaska and will I need special clothing on the Shore Excursions?
What is the smoking policy on your Cruisetours?
Are there different activity levels for Shore Excursions?
How can I find out if a tour is too strenuous and more than I can handle?
How can I review Shore Excursions options without purchasing a cruise?
Groups: How can I book a group shore excursion request?
Is there a Child Price?
Europe/South America: Will transport be available from the ship to the city centre?
How do I create a My Cruises account?
What are the Terms & Conditions for your Shore Excursions?
Can all guests with limited mobility participate on the Easy tours?
where I can find laundry services on the ship?
If I have to cancel my cruise, will I get a refund?
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