Before You Purchase
How do I make a reservation for a cruise holiday?
What does the price of my cruise include?
When do I pay for my cruise holiday?
How do I redeem a Royal Caribbean Savings Certificate?
What is included in the price of my cruisetour?
Will my hotel room on a cruisetour accommodate the same number of people as my stateroom?
What is Royal Caribbean International's Age Policy?
What if I'm travelling with a minor and I'm not the parent or legal guardian?
Do you offer any special prices or discounts?
Why are we increasing our deposits on suites?
Will the confirmations reflect the suite deposit amount?
Will the booking automatically be cancelled if the full suite deposit amount is not received?
What if the booking was created prior to the launch date as a Junior Suite or in a lower category, but then upgraded to an applicable suite? Will the guests have to pay the difference in deposit?
What if the booking was made after the launch date in an applicable suite, but downgraded after deposit? Will the difference in deposit be refunded or left on the booking towards final payment?
What will our online automated booking systems show? Will they be updated with the new deposit requirements?
If I have to cancel my cruise, will I get a refund?
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