Q:  What should I be aware of when arriving in Australia?
A:  Australian biosecurity
Certain food, plant material and animal products from overseas could introduce some of the world’s most serious pests and diseases into Australia. The Department of Agriculture plays a vital role in maintaining Australia’s clean and wholesome food supply—at home and abroad. Everyone benefits from a strong biosecurity system, so everyone has a role to play.

Shopping overseas
When shopping overseas, remember:
• Avoid buying wooden items with small holes or sawdust - this may indicate the presence of insects that could harm our agricultural industries, environment and economy.
• Beware of claims that goods have been ‘treated for export’. You must still declare ALL animal, plant and certain food items when you arrive in Australia.
• Bark, woven palm and banana leaf handicrafts often require mandatory treatment on arrival in Australia at your expense.

Taking a shore excursion
When you take a shore excursion in Australia, you must leave ALL food onboard, including items such as fresh fruit, sandwiches, yoghurt, milk, bacon, ham, sausages and eggs. You can leave food in your cabin or dispose of it in the bins onboard.

Before you arrive in Australia, you will be given an Incoming Passenger Card. This is a legal document and fines may apply for incorrect declarations. You must tick YES on your card if you are carrying certain food, plant or animal products. You can take these declared items with you to the clearance point where they will be assessed by a Department of Agriculture officer. Alternatively, for a faster clearance, dispose of any food, plant or animal products in the bins onboard or in the terminal. You will not be penalised if ALL items are declared, even if they are not allowed into Australia.

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