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Q:  How do I create a Royal Caribbean photo book?
A:  Royal Caribbean has teamed up with Panraven to provide you with a customised story of your Royal Caribbean adventure. It is a free service that allows you to customise and share your personalised story of your cruise with family and friends.

Getting Started: First you choose your ship and sailing date, which provides you with your "story" (most 2008 itineraries are loaded). The story includes professional photography, a day-to-day summary of your cruise holiday and interesting facts about the ports of call that you visited. Next you can upload your best photos and/or videos and be finished in less than an hour – you can also edit every photo and text frame, add pages and change layouts!

Sharing is Easy: You can also share photos and stories online with friends or the whole world (or no one at all). Feel free to additionally use photos that others have shared in their own stories. There are lots of ways to share – via e-mail, Facebook, My Space, URL and embedded web/blog code.

Relive the memories for years to come: Editing and online sharing are complimentary. You can also order a beautifully hardbound book, available in a range of options, all at prices starting at $59.99. Partnering company: Panraven

Where to get it?
Simply go to http://www.panraven.com/royalcaribbean/
Or visit www.nationofwhynot.com
click on "Citizens"
click on any citizen
click on "Create Your Own Book"
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