Directions to the Pier
Q:  Port of Colon, Panama
A:  Colon, Panama

Colon 2000 Cruise Port
Calle 13, Paseo Gorgas
Colon City, Panama
Port of Colon website

From Airport:
Take Domingo Diaz Avenue and go straight to Ricardo J Alfaro Avenue (there is no turn to get to this Avenue), continue on to take La Paz Avenue, which is in the right-hand lane.
Keep straight and follow signs for Corredor Norte (which is the highway to Colon). The road will divide into two, stay in the right-hand lane and you will enter the highway Alberto Motta.
Drive for about half an hour until you reach the City of Colon.
Continue straight on through the town.
Turn right onto 13th Street.
Follow the street until you are only able to turn left onto Paseo Gorgas, where Colon 2000 Pier is located.

From the City:
Take the north corridor to Chilibre, here you will connect to the transismic highway to Colon.
At the entrance to Colon stay on Central Avenue.
Take 9th Street on the right straight to the Port.

Secured parking is available at the pier at a rate of USD 30.00 per week.

Security at the Pier:
Please expect delays related to security and immigration procedures when arriving at the pier to board the ship. These procedures have been designed for your safety and all attempts will be made to expedite you through the process as quickly as possible.

For any day of travel concerns that you may have, please contact our local cruise line representative, Aventuras 2000 on +507 227 2000 or us on +1 800 256 6649 or +1 305 539 4107.

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