Getting off the Ship
Getting off the Ship're at the end of your trip, and you've successfully melted away all your pre-vacation stress. It'd be a shame to lose that feeling before you disembarked, wouldn't it?
So, to further ease your departure process - because we want you to carry that "I'm-still-on-vacation" feeling with you onto dry land - we've significantly enhanced our award-winning Gold Anchor Service fleet-wide. Here's what you can expect on your departure day:

  • Extended access to your stateroom, including continued in-stateroom TV entertainment
  • An assigned departure lounge based on your number-coded luggage tags, to ensure the ship-wide departure process is efficient and organized
  • An "As You Depart" notice to keep you in the loop of our new enhancements, as well as locations of all departure lounges
  • Refreshments in all departure lounges
  • A dedicated Family Zone stocked with refreshments, toys and games for our younger cruisers
  • A minimal amount of ship-wide public announcements to maintain a relaxing atmosphere; we'll try and limit all departure updates to the departure lounges and in-stateroom TV programming
  • A hot breakfast in our dining room or café is an option in most ports. If you're in a suite category stateroom, you'll be treated to an exclusive continental breakfast hosted by guest services or the concierge
  • An Express Departure option, where you can elect to hand-carry your own luggage and be the first to disembark the ship-as soon as the gangway is opened and cleared by local authorities
  • An on-hand Shipboard Staff, ready to answer any questions, ensure your comfort and assist in your smooth departure

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