Prepare your home
Prepare your home

Here are some helpful – and important – things you can do in and around your home so you can relax while you're away.
1. Make sure someone is taking care of the pets. Get a friend or neighbour to feed the fish, walk the dog and water your plants. Then they'll be on top form when you return.

2. Put your lights and/or radio on a timer. People shouldn't be able to tell you're away just by looking at your house. A simple timer can turn the lights and a radio or TV on after dark.

3. Make sure someone collects your post/newspapers. Same reason as No. 2.

4. Check your thermostat settings. If there's no one home to enjoy the heat, turn it off before you go or set your thermostat to its recommended temperatures.

5.5. Change the settings on your answering machine. A constantly ringing phone could annoy your neighbours and let strangers know you're away.

6. Make sure everything that needs to be off is turned off. Your holiday should be worry-free, and that includes thoughts like 'did I leave the iron on?' Double-check before you go. You can even unplug non-essential appliances like your computer, TV and other electronics.

7. Get rid of perishable items and leftovers. No one wants to come home to fuzzy things in the fridge. If it's not eaten the night before you go, throw it away.

8. Turn the water off. Close the water valves for your sinks, dishwasher and washing machine. That way nothing can leak and make a mess while you're not home.

9. Keep track of your house keys. When you don't use them for a week or more, it's easy to forget where you put them. Find a place in your carry-on luggage where they'll be safe for the duration of your trip.
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